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Caving Suit Development

The world of caving has seen very little in the way of development of caving suits in the past few years. GEO technical Equipment plan to change that!

Over the past few months GEO Technical Equipment have been working hard on a new range of caving suits for the UK market. This all came about because of feedback from cavers and how they felt that the current offering of caving suits could be improved. One major and recurring feedback point was the poor fit for the 'Average' person, if you have a slightly larger chest or waist, the legs and arms are way to long in the suit that fits you in these areas. Of course, you are then stuck with a suit that fits your main core but your extremities are then hindered by overlong sleeves and legs which let's be honest, isn't great. Another area of feedback we listened to was the boring selection of suit colours available. Red, Red or erm.... Red? Finally was the issue with caving suits of all makes was the weakness in the crotch area, this is something the development team have looks at also.

GEO Technical Equipment have taken on board these three main requirements for the UK market and developed a range of suits that have an extra variation that are designed to fit a wider range of waist and chest sizes while keeping the arm and leg lengths in proportion. Made of heavy duty PU lined 500D material and double thickness on the reinforcement areas, these suits are made to last as well. The crotch has been reinforced where the seams regularly split on other brands. Geo Technical Equipment have also decided to offer a selection of 4 colour options. Yes, red will also be available. For the ladies wanting to brighten up their caving wardrobe there will even be purple option available as well!

Not only do we feel that the above items will make for a fantastic range of suits but we have also heard that the price point will be quite appealing as many suits are now about to break the £150.00 barrier.

These suits are due to be lunched at the National Outdoor Expo in Birmingham in March 2024. So watch this space for more information as it comes in!

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