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GEO - Kingsdale Caving Suit

Welcome to the new generation of caving suits, brought to you by GEO Technical Equipment. Trogg Shop are proud to announce that we are the lead retailer for the full range of GEO Technical Equipment caving suits. The 'Kingsdale' range are available in two key sizing options, the standard 'Kingsdale' and the 'Kingsdale Comfort'. The comfort range are designed larger in the hips, chest and waist while keeping the arm and leg lengths in check, meaning even if you have a larger core body you should find a suit that fits you properly, this is a common issue with some other brands on the market.


These caving suits are made of high quality materials with good abrasion resistance. The product testers here at Trogg Shop classed these suits as a fantastic all rounder.  We think the range of colour options are great, why not break the mold and add some colour to your caving life, join the GEO revolution!


The Kingsdale range have some great features such as a small pocket on the left arm which is perfect for fitting spare 18650 batteries in a small case. The front procket has been designed to be deeper to allow a modern smart phone to be put inside safely. A fleece lined collar keeps you comfy on longer trips and the hood features two velcro chin tabs as well. 


Key features

Standard + Comfort sizing options

A great range of colour options to choose from

Extra reinforcement in the crotch area

Pocket on the left arm, Ideal for spare batteries

Deep front pocket, better for smart phones and similar

Quality 500D fabric with double 500D in the high abrasion areas

Hood in the collar with velcro chin tabs

2000mm rated waterporoofed coating

Reincforced sleeve closures

Comfortable, Soft, Fleece Lined Collar


If you are between two sizes, we suggest sizing up rather than down. Also when trying on your suit, pop on your harness to ensure the correct fit when your kitted up. 


Colour Options

Red + Black

Blue + Black

Purple + Lime

Green + Grey (Limited Edition)

Red + Teal (Coming Soon)


Sizing Chart








5ft 2in – 5ft 6in

    28” - 34”


Small Comfort

5ft 2in – 5ft 6in

    32” - 38”



5ft 6in – 6ft 0in

    30” - 36”


Medium Comfort

5ft 6in – 6ft 0in

    34” - 40”



5ft 10in – 6ft 3in

    32” - 38”


Large Comfort

5ft 10in – 6ft 3in

    36” - 41”


Extra Large

6ft 1in – 6ft 6in

    34” - 40”


Extra Large Comfort

6ft 1in – 6ft 6in

    40” - 46”


GEO - Kingsdale Caving Suit

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