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Zip Park Installation Services

Here at Trogg Shop we are partnered with GEO Technical Equipment who are professional installers of Tree Top Trails and Zip Parks around the UK.  The latest high ropes technology is used at each of our installs to suit the customers requirements. We are proud to use the Coudou Pro system which was the first mainstream system to allow movement around an elevated course without any intermediate clip on, clip off actions required. Once you are onto the system, you are attached until you reach the end. This helps reduce staffing costs for 'spotters' and also increases safety dramatically. 


We also offer full lighting and sound installation to compliment your elevated course so you can use it all year round or hold themed events such as fright nights, winter wonderlands, 80s disco and more.  

If you would like to find out more, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to help.

Coudou Pro ZAZA

The Coudou Pro

What is it?

Coudou Pro allows participants to attach to the system and then will not allow them to become detached until the end of the course. This is a huge leap forward in safety at all nature of zip or tree top trail parks and is being used by some of the biggest adventure companies in the world. 

System Conversion

Can our current system be converted?

We get asked this question a lot. Unfortunately there is not a single yes or no answer to this. Some systems can be converted with limited cost and time however some systems will need to be totally stripped and replaced to accommodate the Coudou Pro system. Do not fear, we have a team of installers on hand to answer your questions and we can even arrange a site visit if required 

Old Zip Line
Forest lighting


Can you add lighting?

Yes we can! Lighting is a great way to ensure you can use your system throughout the year. We can install basic white lighting or we can install a fully automated intelligent coloured lighting system allowing you to have colour chases, run effects and much more. Imagine being on a tree top trail and then the lights go out, total darkness, white lights flash through the forest around you before you're bathed back in vivid colour to continue your experience.... We can make that happen.


Can we have music?

Once again, Yes! We have a range of sound systems to suit every clients needs. If you need a small background music system to see your clients stimulated during their experience or if you want a thumping track playing through your park, we can help. We can even link our lighting systems with our sound systems so that they work in harmony. Fancy a rumble of thunder as strobes of white lights go off to create a thunder storm effect... We can make it happen!

Outdoor Speaker
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