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Mouse Sport Helmet

Where do we start on these helmets? Well I guess first of all, personally, I love the colour options, the colours are vibrant and really stand out, the two black options is nice as well. One black option is the standard more glossy look, the second is a 'Soft Touch' finish which comes out as a more matte effect.

Second, the comfort is excellent. The unit is light weight yet it feels strong and tough. The adjuster on the rear is easy to use and doesn't require you to take your helmet off to adjust it. Also the rear adjuster allows smaller adjustments vs some other brands in the same price bracket. In the past I have found one click to loose and the next to tight, the mouse sport doesn't have this issue. The chin strap is well made allowing a good array of adjustment and it also comes with a removable padded chin section for that extra level of comfort.

The padding throughout the helmet is ample yet not to much to cause the helmet to move about at all. I have worn this helmet for many trips now and often forget I even have it on, it really is that comfy!


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