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PYTHON - 8mm Hyper Static Rope

Rope technology has come a long way in the past few years with ropes getting thinner, lighter and stronger. We all know how much wear canyoning can put on a rope, especially without good rope management in place. The new 'Python' rope from GEO Technical Equipment is a 8mm rope with an elongation of under 1% and also has an impressive breaking strength of 27kn!

The key feature of the 'Python' is the outer sheath has a high percentage of aramid fibres integrated into it which make it incredibly abrasion resistant as well as noticeably reducing the elongation. This rope will be categorised as accessory cord despite its incredible specifications.

We have tested the 'Python' rope while canyoning and caving and have found it handles incredibly well with good feel and texture. Being 8mm it packs away small and weighing just 44g per meter makes it a pleasure to carry on those long walk ins!

The 'Python' is due to launch at the National Outdoors Expo in March 2024. Keep up to date with more information as we get it by signing up to trogg shop as a member or keep checking back on our blogs for the latest news and product reviews.

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