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VIPER - 9.8mm Dynamic Rope

GEO Technical Equipment have recently announced that they will soon be offering a range of Dynamic, Static and Hyper Static ropes to the UK market, aimed at Climbing, Caving and Canyoning disciplines.

The upcoming 'VIPER' 9.8mm Dynamic rope which is due to launch in March 2024 has a really great feel when belaying and climbing alike. The 9.8mm rope is a great diameter for use as a single rope without the bulk and weight of a 10.5mm or 11mm rope.

Here at Trogg Shop we have tested a sample of the 'VIPER' and must say we were really impressed. The price point is favourable, while the performance is excellent. With 0% sheath slippage, a weight per meter of 66 grams and a fantastic 35% sheath to core ratio, this rope is really impressive. The feel in your hands is supple yet predictable and the run through a belay plate is smooth and seamless.

As a climber on the other end of the rope, should you take a fall, the 31% dynamic elongation will have any such mishaps dealt with comfortably. When being lowered the rope is smooth and soft due in part to the special anti abrasion coating applied in the factory.

This product will be available soon and is due to officially launch in March 2024 at the National Outdoors Expo in Birmingham. Watch this space for more information and to find out more details about the other ropes in the GEO Technical Equipment lineup.

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